About AstroImagers.com

You and me. We are astroimagers.

We are the ones who yearn to capture the photons from outer space. Our spouse, neighbors, and friends may never understand why we want their porch lights turned off at night or why we drive several hours with a car full of equipment just to get that one image under darker skies.

Why do we do that? Because we can now! Imagine...these photons traveled many lightyears to reach us and we just happen to be alive at a time when we can detect them, capture them, stack them, manipulate them and eventually share them.

Astroimagers face enough complicated workflows just to create that one artful image. We should not have to struggle through all the nuances of sharing these artworks on the internet. It should be simpler to cherish and simpler for others to admire. Thus, astroimagers.com was built. May Your Stars Shine Here!™

I would also love to send my two sons to college and live in a house one day with a yard for an observatory (don't we all). So if you are willing to pitch-in a few bucks to keep me motivated, that would be super.

Yours truly,